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About NALA


A National organization dedicated to building a better future. Preserving a place for people of Lebanese heritage amongst the ranks of free people, and assisting those suffering the ravages of war through those hard times to get back on their feet.
NALA believes that by emphasizing the common grounds between the Americans and Lebanese we can re-establish and strengthen the historic bonds of friendship. And by highlighting the mutual American and Lebanese interests we can guarantee a lasting place for Lebanon in the American conscience and on the American agenda.
NALA believes that if the people of Lebanese heritage need assistance, they need it from a strong well organized American based institution with the capacity to effectively render such assistance. Together we can build a better financed and better structured organization capable of providing leadership towards a better future. With your support and active participation NALA will continue to build on its accomplishments and grow stronger to realize the full potential of the Lebanese American community to guarantee a better future.


The National Alliance of Lebanese Americans is a tax-deductible, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, charitable and educational organization. It is a national organization with members throughout the U.S. NALA is organized to provide leadership in:
  • Education on Lebanon and its people, mutual American and Lebanese interests, and the historic American-Lebanon bonds of friendship.
  • Humanitarian assistance to needy Lebanese.
  • Advocating the human and civil rights of the Lebanese people and their rights to freedom, peace and prosperity.
  • Refocus on American interests in a Free Democratic Lebanon.
  • Enhancing American Lebanese institutional bonds and relations.
  • Articulating the concerns and aspirations of Americans from Lebanese descent.
  • Assisting Lebanese descendants in the U.S. in achieving a better future.
NALA does not get involved in internal Lebanese or American politics, nor does it wish to do so in the future. But, as an American organization of Lebanese descendants, NALA places the interests of the Lebanese people and the interests of the U.S. in the Middle East at the heart of its efforts. NALA's activities in all their aspects are undertaken within the context of future American-Lebanese friendly relations and mutual American and Lebanese interests.


NALA has over the years built a solid national network and established good relations with many key individuals and institutions through out the U.S. that have earned it the respectability and acceptance to effectively carry out its mission. Through the tireless and selfless efforts of its members, NALA has come a long way towards accomplishing its goals, by providing leadership in:
  • Refocusing American interest in a free democratic Lebanon capable of rebuilding the historic friendly relations.
  • Enhancing U.S.-Lebanese relations through the reestablishment of several U.S.-Lebanese cooperative programs.
  • Providing displaced Lebanese with an interim stay in the U.S. until security is guaranteed for their return.
  • Sustaining the U.S. financial support for American learning institutions in Lebanon.
  • Supplying medicines, medical equipment and funds to numerous charitable institutions in Lebanon.
  • Supplying Financial assistance towards rebuilding war damaged homes and health care institutions.
  • Alleviating public misconceptions about the Lebanese through presentations and exhibits.
  • Re-establishing and strengthening the bond between Lebanese Americans and their cultural homeland.
Furthermore, NALA has become a primary source of information regarding the concerns of the Lebanese American community, through its objective analyses and rational workable solutions emphasizing the American interests in the region and re-establishing the U.S. friend and ally that Lebanon has always been.
NALA is an all volunteer organization with no paid officers or staff operating on the generosity and dedication of its members and friends. Your support will add to the effectiveness of our efforts and enhance our ability to reach our goals.


Any American Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States is eligible for membership in NALA, provided he/she is committed to:
  1. Safeguard and act in accordance to the national interests of the United States of America.
  2. Promote and Advocate a Freed, Sovereign, Democratic and United Lebanon.
  3. Promoting strengthening US-Lebanese ties and relations on all levels.
  4. Assisting Lebanon and the Lebanese people in overcoming the effects of war and rebuilding a prosperous nation and re-integrating Lebanon into the free world.
Holding an office or voting is limited to regular members 18 years or older with a minimum of one year active membership.

NALA reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual deemed to have acted contrary to the interests of the organization, the U.S. or the Lebanese people.

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