Friday, March 22, 2019
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It is always rewarding to know that one's work is bearing fruit. It is even more rewarding when the fruit of our labor may usher in  a new era for our people in which they may once again enjoy peace, freedom and prosperity. 

Over the years NALA has presented the U.S. Government with analysis and recommendations regarding the Middle East and the need to restore peace, independence and democracy to Lebanon as a prelude to any meaningful settlement in the region. We have emphasized the U.S. interests effected by the situation in Lebanon and the benefits that would result from returning Lebanon to its pre-war regional status as meeting ground for the region and an economic and cultural hub. 

At times it seemed like our words fell on deaf ears. No one seemed to be listening. The U.S. continued to delude itself into believing that peace can be brought to the region without settling the Lebanese question first. U.S. officials continued to court their enemies at the expense of their Lebanese friends in hopes that they would become more friendly and cooperative. 

Recently, however, U.S. officials began to realize the legitimacy of our arguments and recognize their policy as flowed. The latest battles in South Lebanon in particular helped convince many that the situation in Lebanon must be resolved before any meaningful progress can be achieved in attaining a comprehensive peace. The school of thought pushing for freeing Lebanon of occupation and helping the Lebanese rid their country of the narc-terrorist scourge is gaining momentum. 

NALA cannot claim all the credit in this change of policy, but we played a major part in bringing it about, and are rightfully proud to have done so. We kept the torch of freedom lit for Lebanon and kept the cause of an independent Lebanon alive. We helped sustain the hopes of Lebanese people that better days lay ahead. There were times, when the situation seemed almost hopeless and the darkness seemed endless, when few could muster the courage to go forward. But we kept the faith and believed that it could be done. 

Today, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may not be very bright but it is there nonetheless. The Lebanese people, having been disappointed by many who claimed to help them are looking to NALA as the prime voice to articulate their wishes and desires and guide them out of the horrors of war. With the ability of resident Lebanese to act almost no-existent, they look to us to keep the torch lit. 

The formula is simple, the harder we push towards the light , the faster we will make it out of the dark tunnel and the sooner we would begin to enjoy the true rewards of our efforts.  PEACE, FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and PROSPERITY for the Lebanese is within our reach.

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