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At the heart of NALA lies the diligent policy work to educate the public and decision makers about Lebanon and the Lebanese and work towards a better understanding of current issues and Lebanon's past, present and potential future contributions to the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights.

NALA has been at the vanguard of the fight against terrorism since its inception, persistently educating the public and policy makers about the danger of turning a blind eye to international terrorism, always warning that allowing terrorists a free hand anywhere risks bringing them to US shores, as has happened.
NALA always pressed the need to safeguard and expand freedom and democracy, particularly in the Middle East as the best defense against radicalism and terrorism.
NALA has consistently adopted an objective approach to the conflict in Lebanon away from the narrow confines of party politics, whether in the US or Lebanon.
NALA's analysis and proposals have echoed through innumerable public statements of policy makers in the US, Lebanon and elsewhere and have been reflected in numerous international policies and resolutions.
Since its inception in 1989, NALA has produced thousands of pages of analysis, position papers, resolutions and press releases. This section includes a sampling of the historic documents that illustrate NALA's consistent objective advocacy of freedom, democracy and human rights as they relate to enhancing the interests of the US and undermine the radical terrorist movements.

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